Open Mouth Snoring – What It Is & How To Cure It

Open mouth snoring is a sign that there are problems related to breathing when one is asleep.

Find out if you are an open mouth snorer.

How Is Open Mouth Snoring Caused?

When the airway is obstructed and this happens when the body is completely relaxed, you are bound to emit sounds as though your body is gasping for air. This is considered a form of self defense since it is triggered by deprivation. Not only will the heart rate increase, but so will the amount of stress. Your heart will begin to beat faster since it is fooled into thinking that you are probably on the brink of death. It is then that a big amount of air is gasped for the heart to slow down and this process is repeated throughout the night at least a few times.


Symptoms Of Open Mouth Snoring

There are indications that will let you know that during the night you might be subconsciously performing open mouth snoring. One of the first symptoms is that of tiredness no matter how many hours of sleep later you might have woken up. During the night you might wake up a few times to venture into the bathroom for reliving the bladder. While watching television during the day you could fall asleep, or even might start nodding off while driving. Every one of these signs is a way for knowing there is a snoring problem throughout the night.


Remedies For Open Mouth Snoring


Sleep Position To Reduce Snoring

Amongst a variety of different things that can be done to prevent open mouth snoring, the first entails finding a new position for sleeping. For example, if you are habituated to sleep on your back, then try flipping to one of your sides instead because this will quieten the snoring. Another option entails tucking extra pillows under your head to help unblock the airway.


Losing Weight

Extra weight can also be a cause for the snoring. When a person is carrying too much weight on his frame it translates into presence of more meat around the neck area. Too much meat in this area will make the internal diameter of your throat smaller, which in turn will make it easier for the throat to collapse while you are asleep. So it is best to work towards making the extra pounds melt away so that eventually the open mouth snoring will stop.


Avoid Sedatives Before Bed

Anyone who depends on sleeping sedatives or even consumes alcohol just before bed-time is particularly prone to snore. It is best to try having herbal tea before calling it a day. It is also recommended to avoid large evening meals, consumption of dairy products, soy milk, and also relaxants since all these substances will also cause snoring.


Using Chin Strap To Stop Snoring

Chin straps and jaw straps are the most commonly used methods for open mouth snoring. My Snore Solution is probably one of the best jaw straps on the market.


My Snore Solution works by supporting the lower jaw while sleeping to allow your airway to open and reduce your snoring.


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Open Mouth Snoring - What It Is & How To Cure It
Open mouth snoring will cause you breathing problems when you are asleep. Find out if you are an open mouthed snorer and learn how to cure yourself.

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